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Creative Dance as a form of movement was popularised by Isadora Duncan in the early twentieth century. The form which is taught at Over the Moon is derived from the style taught by Dorothea Mangiamele in Melbourne. Mangiamele was a student of Mary Wigman in Germany, who in turn studied with Isadora Duncan and Rudolph Laban.
Dance changes and evolves with each new generation of teachers. The Over the Moon form has primarly come out of Mangiamele's teaching, with influences from other styles and teachers.
Creative Dance at Over the Moon is a process orientated activity. Students develop movement ideas out of the three basic ingredients of Time, Space and Energy. All students are encouraged to explore these concepts at their own physical and intellectual level. The classes develop a love of music and dance in the students, and most importantly, students grow more confident in presenting and exploring their own unique movement ideas.

Music is a very important element in Creative Dance. Many of the images and flavour of the dance come from the music, which must be of a high quality.
Students are exposed to and become familiar with a wide range of styles from classical to art to world to religious music.
Students develop an intuitive understanding of the different forms of music. This understanding suggests and inspires dance design ideas and kinaesthetic responses.

Yoga education is central to all creative dance classes at OTM. Young children delight in movement. It is their joy in physical extension that is the key to a connectedness between mind and body. Being able to focus is such an important life skill. The practice of yoga is perfect for this.


Expression of Interest form




Children who are 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 years old attend classes with an adult, usually a parent. An atmosphere is created in which the chidren and adults may enjoy the pleasures of movement and music while being guided by the teacher. When children are ready they graduate to the 3 1/2 - 5 year old class. This class is without parents, and involves new physical and conceptual challenges.

SCHOOL AGE (5-18 years)
Children are grouped according to age and dance experience. All classes include yoga and creative improvisation. It is within the improvisational structure students develop a sophisticated understanding of the complex elements of dance design - in solo as well as group work.

Over the Moon timetable.
Term 4 2016 & Term 1 2017

Contemporary dance technique at Over the Moon Studios teaches a systematic and progressive syllabus that incorporates the following techniques within every class.
• Warm up and cool down that prepares students for the skills below
• Skillful change of levels
• Floor work
• Elevation (leaps, jumps etc)
• Travelling sequence [moving across the room using a range of techniques]
• Changes of direction or turns
• Dynamic variation
• Isolation (a coordination skill where different body parts move simultaneously and independently from each other)
• Performance skills

These classes focus on strength, coordination and an emphasis on performance.
Parents and students should be aware that these classes are physically demanding. It is recommended that students commit to attending a class for at least 12 months to learn the necessary skills for a robust contemporary dance technique.

Over the Moon timetable.
Term 4 2016 & Term 1 2017



Edwynna Adams is our principal ballet teacher.  She teaches the Russian Vaganova system brought to Australia by Australia’s first Prima Ballerina, Laurel Martyn. Laurel Martyn was Edwynna’s teacher. This system is highly respected in the professional dance world. It is incorporated in many private and tertiary ballet settings in Australia and overseas. It is ideal for students who wish to pursue ballet as a hobby or a career. Ballet exams are held annually and are an option for students who are keen to challenge themselves in this way. At Over the Moon, we place great importance on dance safety and impeccable technique. We also incorporate the “progressing ballet technique” system by Marie Walton-Mahon ensuring that our students reach their highest potential with an awareness of the biomechanics of dance alongside their artistry. 

Over the Moon timetable.
Term 4 2016 & Term 1 2017





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